Clickfree C2 500GB Backup Drive - USB 3.0

The Ultimate Backup Experience

Feature List

Effortless Backup

Clickfree automatic backup - praised consistently by consumers for delivering on easy backup that just works. One drive can backup multiple computers.Clickfree C2 Portable Backup Drive USB3

Built-in USB Cable

C2 is truly portable - no need to carry a cable, nothing to lose. It comes with an additional USB cable, and an optional desktop dock is sold separately.

Share Photos and Media

With the Smart Viewer, you can easily transfer photos to another computer. You can email or print your photos directly from the backup drive, and share photos to Facebook, Myspace, and Flickr.

Import From iPod/iPhone

With C2 connected, plug any iPod or iPhone into another USB port, and the C2 allows you to import music and playlists directly into iTunes.

Security with Encryption

Secure data confidently with powerful encryption by simply entering a password. C2 uses 256-bit hardware encryption that won't slow down the backup.

Burn CDs and DVDs

Create additional DVD or CD backups using the burner on your computer, without having to install or learn complex archiving software.

Scheduled Backup

The C2 will continue to back up all day when it remains connected to the computer. Set the timing or turn off scheduled backup in Options.

Migrate to New Computers

Smart Restore helps you to migrate files to a new computer, or when moving from older Windows versions like XP to Vista or Windows 7. You can also move files from PC to a Mac.

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