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AIT technology reflects Sony's 50 years of innovation and technical excellence in magnetic recording. AIT drives and media are characterized by 8mm media form-factor in a compact 3.5-inch drive mechanism featuring helical-scan recording, unique Memory-in-Cassette (MIC) architecture, advanced read/write head technology and the exclusive use of Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) media. These characteristics result in high capacity and performance, outstanding reliability, fast data search and superior data protection through the use of Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) capability.
Since the AIT technology platform was announced in 1996, Sony has continuously enhanced the format, introducing multiple generations of AIT with applications spanning from the desktop to the enterprise. AIT enjoys broad customer support, with over 500,000 drives installed worldwide.

The AIT-1 format, introduced in 1996, offered a data capacity rate of up to 25GB (up to 65GB compressed), and a 3MB/s data transfer rate. An extended length tape for the AIT-1 drive was introduced in 1999 to offer additional capacity of up to 35GB (up to 90GB compressed) and the data transfer rate was increased to 4MB/s in 2001. AIT-1 shipments have continued to increase and represent about 50% of total AIT unit shipments today and are a primary replacement product for the 4mm DDS tape market.
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An important contributor to the past AIT technology growth has been the AIT-2 product line, introduced in March of 1999 and providing a capacity of up to 50GB (up to 130GB compressed) together with a 6MB/s data transfer rate. AIT-2 has also continued to increase and now accounts for about 30% of total AIT unit output. The AIT-2 has been enhanced to provide the Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) capability for selected applications and configurations. Similar to the AIT-1, the AIT-2 is market positioned to compete in the low-end tape market, specifically targeting the new generation of 4mm DDS products.
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AIT-3 is the third generation AIT technology implementation released in late 2001. AIT-3 offers a native capacity of up to 100GB (up to 260GB with compression) and a native data transfer rate of 12MB/s in a compact 3.5" form-factor. AIT-3 continues the AIT reputation of providing the best capacity and performance within a 3.5" form-factor. The AIT-3 also offers the Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) feature.
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AIT-4 is the fourth generation of the AIT family released in Janurary 2005. AIT-4 offers a native capacity of up to 200GB (up to 520GB with compression), and a sustained data transfer rate of 24MB native (a synchronous burst transfer rate 160MB/s max). AIT-4 also offers the Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) feature.
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AIT-5 began shipping in Q4 2006 and offers up to 400GB of native capacity (up to 1.04TB compressed) on a single 8mm cartridge at a sustained data transfer rate of 24MB native.
AIT-5 is backward compatible with AIT-3, AIT-3Ex, and AIT-4 media. AIT-5 also offers the Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) feature.

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AIT-E Turbo
Sony's AIT-E Turbo drives, introduced in 2004, are based on the field-proven, high density, high performance AIT tape technology. AIT-E Turbo drives offer a new data capacity rate of up to 20GB (up to 52GB compressed) and a 6MB/s data transfer rate. AIT-E Turbo provides a low-cost entry point into the AIT family, providing an ideal migration path for DDS users.
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